Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code Download

Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code

You might be searching for Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code everywhere but each time you come up with a fail. Do you know why? Because none will aid you that because hero pack is not free. Though the fortnite blog is distinct from that case. Here you will receive your Fortnite Starter Hero Pack if you follow what we tell.

Owning this hero pack is little difficult and expensive since it does not come up with the standard edition. Though it comes up with a deluxe edition which price is higher than standard. Naturally, every one thumbs down to buy the deluxe edition. After all, it is a game, then why money? This might be the statements will be running through your mind at that time. Although we are guiding you to get Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code by using a generator. Though this program is literally offered by soblogz. Access button given below will lead you directly to that generator.




Well! It’s simple to follow their guidelines which I will explain in simple steps. First, you should navigate the generator in a new tab. Normally it will open just like that. In case if you find it as different, then copy the link and open in a new tab in your browser. Next, choose the platform you wish to generate your code. Assuming as a PlayStation 4 user, Select PS4 in the generator. Then go for “Retrieve Code Button”.

Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code


After hitting the button, you should wait at least 3 minutes to let come back with the code. Most of the time it comes back in 40 seconds.

In some rare condition, it will ask you whether you are human or not. You must be completed a lot of captcha for this purpose earlier, however here the system is distinct. Hence this highly advanced system will ask you to complete any offer where you should enter genuine details about you. If you do not enter your details correctly, then you will not get your Fortnite Hero Pack Code. So make sure to give correct personal data.

These data will be used to check whether real human or not. That’s why I mentioned giving correct details and it will come back with your code if you have entered original details.

Next crucial step is redemption which I will explain in 2 paragraph.

How to Redeem Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code in Xbox ONE?

Xbox one redemption comes with 2 methods. One with Kinect sensor and other one is the usual method. I prefer the usual method because the Kinect sensor needs QR which is not available here. In the home screen, find the store. On navigating store you will find a Redeem a Code at the bottom. Enter your code over there and click confirm. That’s it.

Redeem in PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 almost similar to the Xbox one method. After saving your valuable Fortnite Starter Hero Pack Code in a notepad or any safe place. Tap on PSN Store Icon present on the PlayStation 4 home page. At the store, you can see “Redeem Codes”. Put your code and follow on-screen instructions. That’s all.

It’s the end of the journey with all new content downloading tutorial. We would like to hear back your feedback regarding our article which is necessary for us Improve.

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